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Event Planning

Helping plan inclusive events and programming that connects community members.

Event Production

Helping non-profits achieve sustainability by providing them with the necessary equipment and event supplies.


Contribute to the success and stability of local non-profits by providing talent to help with their events.

Media and Marketing

Promote and market events to get the word out and create real lasting change.

Community and Inclusion

We assist local nonprofits, small businesses and organizations that demonstrate a strong sense of community and inclusion. Our overall aim is to help these entities achieve long term sustainability and stability.

About Rochester My Home

In April of 2020, we started taking a closer look at our local community needs during pandemic, we saw how people were struggling with challenges such as getting information out and staying connected with each other. We started helping generate events and programming that allows community members to connect.

One effective way that we help non-profits achieve sustainability is by providing them with the necessary equipment, resources, and expertise. It turns out that most of the money non-profits raise through fundraising events, galas, etc. is usually swallowed up by the costs involved. By handling these tasks, RMH can allow the non-profits to benefit more fully from the funds.

Team Members

As we move closer to achieving our non-profit status we are looking for similarly minded community members to join a 5 person board.
Interested parties can email us at info@olmstedcountyfair.com.

McKenna Davis


Ivan Avalos

Entertainment and Technical Advisor

Greg Darbo

Technical Production

James Aakre

Network Specialist

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